Canteen Menu

 Toast  25p
 Scones  50p
 Tea  55p
 Milk  60p & 40p
 Juice  60p
 Water  60p, 80p & £1.00
 Soup  80p
 Toast  25p
 Beans  60p
 Bacon  30p (per slice)
 Sausage  65p
 Burgers  £1.25 (small) / £1.60 (large)
 Hotdogs  £1.20
 Omelette  £1.00
 Salad Bar available every day
 Plated Salad with meat/cheese  £2.10
 Sandwiches  £2.15
 Baguettes  £2.20
 Large wrap  £2.10
 Soup  80p
 Main Dishes vary from day to day (3 choices)
 *Chicken Dinner  £2.10
 *Gammon Dinner  £2.10
 Savoury Mince Dinner  £2.05
 Irish Stew  £2.05
 Steak Casserole  £2.05
 Chicken & Pasta Bake  £2.05
 Chicken Curry & Rice  £2.05
 Spaghetti Bolognese  £2.05
 Sweet & Sour Chicken & Rice  £2.05
 Chicken & Ham Pie  £1.80
 Chips  £1.35

 *Roast Dinner Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

  Chips are available Monday & Friday


 Stuffed Bacon Rolls  95p
 Pizza 5"   75p 
 Square Pizza   50p 
 Goujons (oven baked)   80p 
 Chicken Breast Fillet (oven baked)   £1.00 
 Stuffing  35p 
 Mashed Potato  45p
 Gravy  30p
 Curry Sauce  60p
 Rice/Pasta   65p 
 Fruit Available Every Day
 Sweets/Biscuits  45p
 Tray Bakes  35p
 Large Muffins  70p
 Fruit Tart/Crumble/Sponge With Custard  70p
 Jelly  30p


The above are examples of what is served in St Paul's Canteen, subject to availability.

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